Customer was experiencing locking problems with both her doors and on close examination the one door had “old style butt hinges” (not as strong as current flag hinges) which had broken, and the other door had a faulty lock.

On the door with the faulty lock, that particular door lock is now discontinued. The resulting repair cost would make it nearly 2/3rds of the cost of a new door. Hence it made economic sense to replace the 2 doors with ones that were fully guaranteed as oppose to repairing 15 year old doors

“ I highly recommend 1st Sash Windows, for their outstanding workmanship & their customer care. The lovely lady in the office was very helpful with arranging for my doors to be fitted in my absence. When I returned home the only evidence that they had been was the presence of my smart new doors. Everything was cleared, taken away and clean. Thank you for a first class job.

Julie Ricketts – Ramsgate